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First Tech Credit union video receives 33K views

One of Ireland's largest credit unions, First Tech, who caters to Ireland's ever-growing tech sector wanted to showcase how easy it is to bank online to potential members.

Not a lot of people know the benefits of banking with a credit union, or about the fast and efficient services they provide. Usually, they offer lower rates than national banks, they are a non-profit organisation with your best interests at heart and provide a personal service to you that helps you with your finances, as well as helping your community

With now over 80,000 top tech professionals working throughout Ireland, First Tech wanted to target the Irish tech community with a quick and easy-to-digest illustrative video that explained the advantages of banking with them.

First Tech approached Creative Content with this request. We worked closely with our client to finalise the content, making sure to keep it precise.

Creative Content created a storyboard for the content, making each scene 3-5 seconds long and ensuring the video was concise.

Now with over 33,000 views, the video sits on First Tech's About page and is used in online marketing material. You can see the video below:

Creative Content has since created a number of tutorial videos for First Tech to show how their online banking system works.

Interested in getting your message across through video? Contact Creative Content to find out more.

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