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Irish e-commerce website brings in €8,000 in sales in the first 8 weeks of launch

Donegal Bogcotton Company is a sustainable Irish handmade soap and cosmetics company run by two dear friends with a love for the wilderness of Donegal. Marian and Patricia take inspiration from Falcarragh's nature trails, hillsides, and beaches and recreate the scent of Donegal's flora and fauna in their beautifully handcrafted minimalistic products.

The duo have been selling their soaps, moisturizers, scented candles, and lip balms since 2014 at fairs and in gift shops across Ireland. They asked Creative Content to set up Donegal Bogcotton Company's e-commerce website in April 2020. This month also marked the start of COVID-19 in Ireland and lockdown, where soap, supporting local products, and purchasing online became popular.

As well as setting up the website, Creative Content set out a marketing strategy for the next 8 weeks, which included building a mailing list, promotions, customer loyalty plans, influencer marketing, and advertising across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The advertising also included a targeting and remarketing strategy.


Donegal Bogcotton Company were very happy with the results of their new online store which produced 248 orders, 9,461 online sessions and 7,933 euro in sales in the first 8 weeks. This gave Marian and Patricia a new revenue stream they could rely on, more control over their profit margin as they were no longer relying on retailers to set their prices.

Today, Creative Content still manages the website and marketing for Donegal Bogcotton Company. Gaining an online presence has worked wonders for the two of them, with site sessions averaging at 6,250, orders averaging at 130 per month and returning customers at 50%. They don't know what surprises Donegal Bog Cotton Company will bring them - from receiving an order from Bord Bia for 360 candles to be shipped to Asia, to Shopify including their gift packs as a party bag at their staff event.

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